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Between steep mountains and deep fjords, at the very coast of Møre, where mild winters are replaced by long, lush summers, this is our paradise. And, incidentally, our sheep's paradise too! This climate is perfect for the norse breed Old Norwegian.

These sheep are called "wild sheep" by some, but let us assure you that they are by no means wild in the "feral" sense of the word. They get so familiar and docile that it borders on bothersome. These small, quiet animals step into our boots and nearly trip us in sheer joy, expecting a treat every time they see us in the pasture. Such trusting and loving animals deserve the utmost respect and best treatment. This includes the ones that we need to take out of our flock come autumn.

All wool and sheepskin products from NILSGARD derive from stress free animals, free range all year round - because that is their natural way of life. All wool is professionally sheared, hand washed and processed on site. Individuals from this breed naturally shed their fleece in spring, and this shedded wool is indeed a luxury commodity, because the fibers are closed in both ends and completely waterproof. The skins are from animals who have been humanely euthanized. All days of our animals, including the last day, are good days. We hope, and believe, that this shows in the quality of our products.

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