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NILSGARD is a family owned vendor and manufacturer of high quality sheepskin and wool products.

Our business is a natural extension of our homesteading. Our farm has been in the family since the 1600s, and is beautifully situated right by the fjord at the western coast of Norway. This area is famed for its long sheepkeeping and wool processing traditions. The climate is mild and humid, and the soil very fertile, but the steep and mountaineous landscape makes large scale agriculture difficult, if not impossible.

This is where our breed of sheep comes in handy. We keep an indigenous breed called Gammalnorsk sau, which translates to Old Norwegian Sheep. This breed, whose origins can be traced as far back as to the Viking age, is highly adapted to the climate and topography of this area. They are very hardy and healthy, and excellent pasture animals, benefitting enormously from the varied flora they find here. Shrubs, herbs, heathers, grass and weeds are all utilized and turned into excellent wool and delicious, slightly game flavored mutton. 

We always keep animal welfare and environmental concerns in mind in our farming. Our sheep are entirely grass fed, on pasture all summer and silage in the winter months. When the time comes to part with those who for economical and health reasons can't overwinter,  we opt to humanely euthanize them at the farm, eliminating the need for an arduous and stressful transport to a commercial slaughterhouse.

Our sheepskins are professionally prepared by skilled tanners. The wool is processed right here at the farm, carefully washing each fleece by hand using only mild and environmentally friendly detergents, then hand carding and hand spinning them on Scandinavian type heirloom spinning wheels. Every product we ship is carefully inspected and meets the highest artisanal standards. Each item a true and authentic piece of Norway!

While we are working on a multi-language interface for our shop,  this is regrettably not yet available. We do however gladly accept orders and ship worldwide. In lieu of a proper translation we recommend you trying an automated translation service such as Google Translate. The translation will not be perfect,  but it might help you understand most of the text. 

We also accept orders and enquiries on e-mail and by mail. Drop us a line by using the form below. An old-fashioned letter has a certain charm,  don't you agree? Takes a little longer, but we still like it. If you'd like to send us a letter, the address is NILSGARD, Dalsfjordvegen 155, 6133 Lauvstad, Norway. 

Whichever way you prefer to contact us, we'll get right back to you. Thank you for visiting us!