A little about us in Nilsgarden

Nilsgarden is a small farm by the Dalsfjord in Volda, and three generations live and work here. Like many other farms, it is an old family business, and Nils (b. 2014) is the ninth Nils in the line since our family took over at the end of the 17th century. He and his brother Veljo (b. 2018) are heirs in a long, long line of small farmers here on the west side of the Voldsfjord.

Lars is the day-to-day manager of the store and the person who keeps track of inventory, shipments and the technical aspects here on the webshop. He is a tailor and is passionately interested in good natural materials, fine woven patterns and finding new ways to use nature. In the summer he is mostly in the kitchen garden and the field, and in the winter (and on rainy days, of which there is a lot of here) it is the spinning wheel and the loom that are in focus.

Hanne is married to Lars and is the day-to-day manager of the house, but second-in-command in the shop. She cards most of the wool we produce, and in the spring it is she who takes responsibility for keeping track of the lambs and naming them.

We are not a large company, but we are proud of what we achieve. Here, knowledge , the environment and service are in focus every day, and we feel good when we get to work close to nature and with our hands. When you shop with us, you can feel confident in both quality, craftsmanship and animal welfare.

Are you wondering about something? We welcome all questions and feedback! Fill in the form below or write an e-mail to butikk@nilsgard.no. We are a bit old-fashioned, so we wouldn't say no if you wrote a letter or card, either. The address is Nilsgard, Dalsfjordvegen 155, NO-6133 Lauvstad.

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