Single strand handspun yarn "KARIN"


Single strand handspun yarn "KARIN"

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Hand-spun yarn from local sheep - this is as local as it gets! The wool is carefully washed and carded by hand before it is spun on a regular spinning wheel, just like in the old days.

Spælsau yarn has many good qualities: It is durable and shiny, it is sustainable, but the most striking thing is how well it retains heat, even when it gets wet. The wool of these sheep is made to withstand all kinds of weather. A great choice for hats, socks or mittens.

Hand-spun yarn is twisted more than machine-spun yarn, this makes it stronger than many modern yarns. It also has a slightly uneven structure, which gives the finished product a nice, slightly living expression..

KARIN is a single-threaded, thin yarn. We recommend knitting needles No. 2-2.5. The yarn is supplied in two colours, gray and unbleached. These colors are natural, the yarn is not dyed or treated in any other way, apart from a wash in soap and water.

Supplied in balls of 50 g.